Checking Ready for Rescue Status

For Action First Aid customers, every HeartStart OnSite comes ready-to-rescue. The device is pre-installed in the carrying case and battery and pads are pre-installed in the device. Simply pull up the handle on the front of the AED to activate it.

Please note: The Philips HeartStart OnSite is one of the few AEDs that perform a daily self check. During this self test, the AED is checking for the presence and function of both the pads and the batteries.

Ready for Rescue Symbol

The Ready for Rescue symbol is located in the top right corner and will flash (green) once every 3 sections to indicate ready status.

Battery Expiry

An important detail to note is that there is an ‘Install Before Date’ on the battery. This date indicates the date that you must install the battery in the device by – this is not the expiry date.  Once you install the battery, mark down this date, you now have 4 years from this install date before expiry.

Let us know the date that you install the battery and we will track this date for you.

Pad Expiry

You will notice a LOT number on the pads.  We will track this number for you in the event that there is ever a recall.

Serial Number

The serial numbers for the Philips HeartStart OnSite always start with the letter A followed by 2 digits (year of manufacturing), followed by a letter (A-L) to represent the manufacturing month.

e.g.: A20L-03190
This AED was manufactured in Dec 2020.


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