Home Alone Program

Duration: Half Day  |   Price: $45

Duration: Half Day
Price: $45


Ready to stay home alone? We will help prepare you to handle the following situations:

  • What to do when strangers come to the door
  • What to do when the phone rings
  • How to make a 911 call – interactive training practicing making a 911 call
  • How to handle emergency situations
  • Safety in and around the house – how to prevent injuries
  • Safety in the kitchen when making snacks and simple meals
  • Computer safety
  • Basic first aid for the following emergencies:
    • choking
    • bleeding
    • breathing emergencies – use of the epi-pen & asthma attacks
    • burns & poisons

What You Receive:

  • Home Alone Booklet & Card

Additional Info:

We go the Extra Step to ensure your Child is Prepared in an Emergency!

Paramedic students come for an interactive visit to our Babysitting and Home Alone courses, to discuss the importance of calling 911, and educate the participants with an interactive, hands on demonstration of what it would look like when Paramedics arrive to a scene, or their house after they have called 911. Our students are exposed to this valuable experience to help ease any hesitation when needing to call 911, or if Emergency services is ever having to come to their home. Students are able to ask the Paramedic students questions, and touch and try some of their equipment in a safe, relaxed environment.

Training Centres:

Our BIG & BRIGHT training centres are located in Barrie, Bracebridge & Ottawa.

If you would like to book private training for your group please call us at 1-866-FIRST-AID


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