What is Bill 141?

Bill 141, the Defibrillator Registration and Public Access Act, is an important unanimously supported piece of legislation that will increase public-access to live-saving defibrillators and will save more lives from Cardiac Arrest!

The bill enables the government to create a registry of publicly accessible automated external defibrillators (AEDs) and establish requirements relating to the installation, maintenance, testing and availability of defibrillators in designated locations. The legislation also requires that AEDs have appropriate signage, be accessible for easy identification, and be properly maintained.

Current Status of Bill 141 | September 2020
The Bill is currently sitting with the Ministry of Health to establish the necessary regulations to enforce this bill. We will be actively monitoring for updates.

This Bill covers 6 key areas:
1. AEDs must be placed in ‘designated areas’
2. AEDs must be easily accessible
3. AEDs must have appropriate signage
4. AEDs must be properly maintained & ready for rescue
5. AED training is required
6. AEDs must be registered with the provincial 911 registry

Action First Aid (AFA) can assist you from start to finish to ensure that your organization complies with all aspects of Bill 141. With over 20 years of experience managing some of the largest AED Programs in Canada, our passionate AED Consultants are here and ready to help you. AEDs save lives – but only if they are accessible, ready for use and you have someone confident to take action.

Minutes matter in Sudden Cardiac Arrest – Bill 141 is going to Save Lives – Guaranteed.

How to Comply with Bill 141 – We have you Covered!

Our comprehensive AED program alongside our tracking platform Ready for Action Plus+ facilitates all of the Bill requirements.

1. Designated Areas

“Every person who owns or operates designated premises shall ensure that defibrillators are installed.”

AFA has over 20 years of experience training on all makes and models. If you are a designated area, our team of AED professionals will consult with you to offer expert guidance on the best AED(s) for your needs. 

2. Easily Accessible

“Ensure that any defibrillator installed at the premise are available for use in locations that facilitate easy access to the defibrillator, as described in the regulations.”

AFA will help you place your SaveStation in a highly visible and easily accessible area to ensure proper access.

3. Signage

“Ensure that the location of a defibrillator at the premises is appropriately indicated with signs in accordance with the regulations.”

AFA will help ensure your SaveStation has a highly visible 3D sign, an instructional poster and entry door stickers.

4. Ready for Rescue

“Ensure that any defibrillator installed at the premises is maintained and tested in accordance with the manufacturer’s guidelines and with any other guidelines as may be prescribed.”

AFA’s online tracking tool, ‘Ready for Action Plus+’ will guarantee that your AED is properly maintained, and always ready for rescue.

5. Training

“Ensure that training is undertaken by prescribed persons for the use of a defibrillator, according to the prescribed training and education guidelines.”

AFA offers WSIB approved AED/CPR training as well as custom training solutions like our popular 1 hour AED Awareness Workshop.

6. 911 Registration

“Every person who owns or operates designated premises or public premises at which a defibrillator is installed shall register the defibrillator within 30 days after install.”

AFA will help you properly register your AED with the registry as part of our ‘Ready For Action Plus+’ Full Service Program.

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