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Learn how YOU can bring Mental Health First Aid into your community.

International evaluations and feedback have found the following outcomes for participants undertaking an MHFA course:

  • Increased awareness of signs and symptoms of the most common mental health problems
  • Decreased stigma related to mental health
  • Increased confidence interacting with individuals experiencing a mental health problem or crisis
  • Increased help actually provided to individuals in crisis or experiencing a mental health problem


  • Mental Health Problems and Stigma
  • Substance-related Disorders
  • Mood-related Disorders
  • Anxiety and Trauma-related Disorders
  • Eating Disorders
  • Psychotic Disorders

Additional Info:

The full 2 day course is offered through the Mental Health Commission of Canada

MHFA Canada is an evidence based program of The Mental Health Commission of Canada.

Instructor Bio:


Jake Mitchell (RSSW, AMHW, A-EMCA)
Jake is our lead instructor for our Mental Health Program. His clinical experience as a paramedic combined with being a practicing member of the Ontario College of Social Workers and Social Service Workers (OCSWSSW) has promoted an open-minded and empathetic, trauma-informed approach to caring for clients.

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Jake has several years of experience assisting critically ill or injured persons with Basic Life Support, exercising the Primary Care Paramedic scope of practice, suicide intervention, crisis de-escalation, and peer support. He expanded this expertise by obtaining a diploma in Addictions and Mental Health Work to better address the growing opioid crisis, along with the epidemic of PTSD and suicide amongst first responders.

He has growing experience with case management, structured relapse prevention, harm reduction, overdose/withdrawal management, and other community mental health practices. Jakes has built his clinical experience as a Primary Care Paramedic in Emergency Medical Services, with research appraisal and mental health crisis expertise. Jake uses this experience and passion to help organizations build addiction and mental health awareness courses, to enhance workplaces’ capacity to support addiction and mental health struggles.

His goal is to maintain experience in emergency services and community mental health, while empowering others to reach their potential and overcome mental health challenges. Jake also volunteers with Boots On The Ground, peer support services for first responders across Ontario.

Jake is an Action First Aid instructor delivering dynamic First Aid, CPR & AED programs. He practices as a Social Service Worker providing harm reduction services, crisis intervention, social services, and overdose response at a two Supervised Injection Sites in Toronto.

Mental Health Awareness Courses

Designed to empower yourself and others to cope and manage with everyday stressers, triggers, addictions and mental health concerns in the workplace and community.

Please call for pricing and booking information: 1-866-347-7824

One Day Course

Topics Include: 

  • Mood-related Disorders and Suicide Intervention
  • Anxiety and Trauma-Related Disorders
  • Addictions and Substance-Use Disorders
  • Acute Psychosis and Psychosis-Related Disorders
  • Stigmas & Stereotypes
  • Mental Health in the Workplace

Covering Strategies for: 

  • Building healthy self-care and coping techniques
  • Increasing confidence to engage in mental health conversation
  • Harm reduction
  • Accessing support resources
  • Recognizing mental health emergencies
  • Effective communication during a crisis
1/2 Day Course

Topics Include: 

  • Addictions and Substance-Use Disorders
  • Mood-related Disorders and Suicide Intervention
  • Anxiety and Trauma-Related Disorders
  • Acute Psychosis and Psychosis-Related Disorders

Covering Strategies for: 

  • Understanding mental health and the connection to our overall health
  • The importance of raising mental health awareness within our workplaces and communities
  • Breaking down the stigmas/stereotypes surrounding mental health problems and disorders
Workshop: Overdose Prevention & Harm Reduction (1 hour)

Topics covered in this informative, 1 hour workshop include:

  • Understanding the Opioid Crisis
  • How to recognize and respond to an overdose
  • Naloxone training & safety tips
  • Understanding substance-use disorders
  • Breaking down the stigmas
  • Effects of opioids, stimulants and other drugs
  • Accessing care within the community
Additional Lunch & Learn Workshops (1 hour)
  • Crisis Intervention/Suicide Prevention
  • Cannabis – Education & Harm Reduction
  • Emotional Crisis and Acute Psychosis
  • Mental Health Training for the First Responder and Healthcare Worker

Call for pricing & booking info: 1-866-347-7824

What You Receive:

Training Centres:

Our BIG & BRIGHT training centres are located in Barrie, Vaughan & Bracebridge.

We also regularly deliver courses at Georgian College campuses.

If you would like to book private training for your group please call us at 1-866-FIRST-AID


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