• Brenda Avatar

    I've been taking first aid for many many years. This was the best experience I had. Lisa was an... read more

    Brenda 7/14/2024
    Montana Avatar

    Tom was my instructor. It was a really fun course even though it was a full day. Tom made the... read more

    Montana 7/09/2024
    Sammy Avatar

    Thank you Sierra and Derek for an amazing tutorial. #Refresco, #Mississauga
    Attending the 16-hour first aid training over two days was...
    read more

    Sammy 6/29/2024
  • Mark Avatar

    Action First Aid was a really great experience! I've done first aid training before, but found it didn't stick, and... read more

    Mark 6/16/2024
    Sue Avatar

    The action First Aid/ CPR course I attended yesterday with instructor Megan, was extremely informative, I thought Megan did an... read more

    Sue 6/13/2024

    Usually I find CPR classes so boring after taking them every year or two. Not with John, he was very... read more

    Jessica 6/06/2024
  • Thank you John for making the course so informative. You gave us lots of extra information and the day went... read more

    Maria 6/04/2024
    Megan Avatar

    Hands-on, informative and engaging. Much more interesting than the last first aid course I took. Our instructor was... read more

    Megan 5/29/2024
    marianne Avatar

    Just finished my blended course, given by Peter. It was excellent, I thoroughly enjoyed it, and came out knowing a... read more

    marianne 5/28/2024
  • Sandra our instructor were very good at what she does! she kept us engaged on possible scenarios and train us... read more

    Roxann 5/15/2024
    Sammy Avatar

    Thank you Sierra and Derek for an amazing tutorial.
    "Attending the 16-hour first aid training over two days was an incredibly...
    read more

    Sammy 5/10/2024
    Meagan Avatar

    It was my first time taking a first aid course and Sierra and Derek made it really fun and interactive.... read more

    Meagan 5/10/2024

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