• Leah Avatar

    Wonderful training experience with Peter. All the hands on activities really helped to ensure that we understood how to apply... read more

    Leah 2/28/2024
    Jashandeep Avatar

    J had a fabulous experience and Practice scenarios and quizzes can also help reinforce your knowledge. Additionally, consider taking refresher... read more

    Jashandeep 2/23/2024
    Jayuice Avatar

    Attended my first, first aid training session led by Matt and it was exceptional. Their expertise, clarity, and interactive teaching... read more

    Jayuice 2/22/2024
  • Kevin Avatar

    I have taken many first aid courses over the years. This, without exception was the best. John made the information... read more

    Kevin 2/21/2024

    Awesome course and even better instructors. Katie & Keely kept the entire group interested in learning, quick to answer questions... read more

    Leanne 2/14/2024
    Danielle Avatar

    Action First Aid has such amazing instructors. Katie was fantastic and so was student instructor Keely. Our two days went... read more

    Danielle 2/13/2024
  • Myriam Avatar

    Training was awesome. Very detailed learn very important information that is useful in case I ever run into any First... read more

    Myriam 2/07/2024

    It was good

    nadesan.vina 2/04/2024
    M&H Avatar

    Jen was outstanding! Her approach made the group a team that jelled and worked together. Great enthusiasm, clear direction, focused... read more

    M&H 2/01/2024
  • Nice work Lisa

    Glen Avatar

    This course was better than I expected it to be. The in class program was very helpful and Peter was... read more

    Glen 1/28/2024
    sharon Avatar

    Excellent!! I’ve been to 5 different CPR courses in the past 17 years and this by far was the most... read more

    sharon 1/28/2024

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