• Raquel Avatar

    I had a fantastic experience with Action First Aid / CPR training. The Instructor Peter was truly amazing! He... read more

    Raquel 5/17/2023

    Matt was an amazing instructor very clear and concise. Very respectful and productive program

    Charlie 5/08/2023
    Emma Avatar

    I just had my session with Avery at my school and it was very very good. She was so nice... read more

    Emma 4/13/2023
  • Thank you Peter. I have taken many courses like this over the years and without a doubt this was the... read more

    Steve 4/03/2023
    Customer Avatar

    Stacey and Kendra were both amazing. They delivered top notch instruction of a heavy topic in such a way that... read more

    Customer 3/10/2023
    Teresa Avatar

    Our instructor Angelo was amazing and very knowledgeable. The course was fun and interactive, and very detailed. I like all... read more

    Teresa 3/03/2023
  • Macsdelight Avatar

    I took a course for CRp first aid at the Wilson location in Toronto with a gentleman named Angelo. He... read more

    Macsdelight 2/10/2023
    M Avatar

    It’s located up stair inside DaVinci Banquet
    Hall with a small A4 paper showed Action First Aid ( as the picture...
    read more

    M 2/07/2023

    This is my 5th course taken with action first aid. Usually in the Barrie location but this time was in... read more

    Shanice 1/21/2023
  • Jana Avatar

    The instructor was amazing, he really knew his subject! I learnt lots of new staff, feels more confident. Thank you Corey!

    Jana 1/18/2023

    Kass is amazing! I called and she answered the phone with a gusto that blew me away! My spirits immediately... read more

    Rob 1/13/2023
    Andrew Avatar

    I don’t typically post reviews but thought this course was very well done it was worth positing. Very energetic and... read more

    Andrew 12/19/2022

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