Working at Heights

Duration: 1 Day  |   Price: $175

Duration: 1 Day
Price: $175


The Working at Heights course is designed for workers who may at times be required to work at heights where fall protection is required. This Ministry of Labour Approved Program provides workers and supervisors with the necessary knowledge required to safely work at heights and prevent fall related accidents. Participants will be instructed on how to correctly select, inspect, maintain and use a wide variety of fall protection components and systems.

This program is in compliance with Ontario Regulation 213/91 Section 26 of the Construction Regs and meets or exceeds The Ministry of Labor requirements for the New Working at Heights Training Program Standard.

  • Identification of fall hazards
  • Equipment selection
  • Understanding anchorage points
  • Fall protection systems and components
  • Basic energy dissipation principles
  • Calculating fall clearances
  • Rescue plan importance
  • Standards and regulations
  • Component inspection and maintenance

What You Receive:

  • Participant Workbooks
  • Written examination
  • Record of training report
  • Individual wallet certificates
  • Wall certificate for company

Additional Info:

Ministry of Labour approved training program

The Law

As of April 1st, 2015 the new standards for heights training came into effect and are being enforced by the Ontario Ministry of Labour.   If your workers face fall hazards, you are required by law to provide them with appropriate training. The Occupational Health and Safety Act states “an employer shall ensure that a worker who may use a fall protection system is adequately trained in its use”.

Training Centres:

Our BIG & BRIGHT training centres are located in Barrie, Bracebridge & Ottawa.

If you would like to book private training for your group please call us at 1-866-FIRST-AID


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