Aspirin Pill Fob


Heart attacks can happen any place, any time and can happen to anyone! Your new Aspirin Pill Fob will ensure you have Aspirin (ASA)* at your fingertips if ever critically needed.

Doctors recommend chewing and swallowing one 325mg ASA tablet when experiencing signs of a heart attack**. Consider buying for your loved ones when placing your order. It is a small price to pay to potentially save a life!

We offer a flat rate of $5 shipping – no tracking. 


The Aspirin Pill Fob will provide you with immediate access to Aspirin (ASA) no matter where you are.

A person experiencing signs of a heart attack should:

  1. Call 911
  2. Chew and swallow one 325mg ASA tablet*

You can visit your local drugstore or grocery store to purchase 325mg ASA tablets to place inside your pill fob when it arrives.

*ASA not included.
**Always ask first if it is safe them to take ASA

Medical Grade

Precision machined stainless steel.

Holds ASA

Designed to hold two 325mg pills.

Water Tight

Sealed by red o-ring.


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