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Hands-on, informative and engaging. Much more interesting than the last first aid course I took. Our instructor was Peter, and he gave several real life examples of scenarios from his background as a first responder, as well as injecting humor at every opportunity -- loved the clip from The Office ?. I would definitely recommend getting your First Aid done with Action First Aid!


Just finished my blended course, given by Peter. It was excellent, I thoroughly enjoyed it, and came out knowing a lot more than I anticipated. Hopefully I will never need any of what I learned, but if I do, I feel confident in my capabilities.
The online portion was also good, some of the videos a bit lengthy.


Sandra our instructor were very good at what she does! she kept us engaged on possible scenarios and train us what's the best thing to do to get the situation under control as much as possible. This is my first time attending this training and I get out from the training with much more needed knowledge. Thank you Sandra!


Thank you Sierra and Derek for an amazing tutorial.
"Attending the 16-hour first aid training over two days was an incredibly enriching experience. The instructors were not only knowledgeable but also engaging, making the learning process enjoyable. The hands-on activities were particularly helpful in reinforcing the theoretical concepts, and I feel much more confident in my ability to handle emergency situations now. I highly recommend this training to anyone looking to learn essential life-saving skills."


It was my first time taking a first aid course and Sierra and Derek made it really fun and interactive. There was a lot of hands on activities and scenarios we had for practice and they did their best to mimic real life events. Overall a great course and something very important everyone should take the time to learn!!


We all learned alot during out lessons. They were very interactive which made it fun to learn, but also easier to remember and practice. Sierra and Derek answered every question that was asked with a smile on their face and in great detail which made the experience so much better. I would definitely recommend this class to everyone


For a first-timer, it was fulfilling to participate and be trained. Everyone inside the facility is professional. They know what they are doing and they are very accommodating to all things that happen in the duration of the course. The online course was so detailed that everything was covered.


More interesting and fun than other first aid courses. The online section was easy to learn and stay focused. Kim was a great instructor with a great personality and teaching style.


The only course I have taken that didn't have me falling asleep. Super interactive and educational. I highly recommend. Sandra is amazing!


My instructor was Peter, and I couldn’t be happier! He made the day very engaging, informative, memorable, and quite funny. I highly recommend a class with him.


What an incredible course! Such a positive & engaging environment that empowered all of us trainees to value the content & learn as much as we can. So thankful for the valuable skills taught by Katie at Action First Aid!


I completely my course at Action First Aid. Peter was our instructor and was very knowledgeable about all the content that was covered. The cinereous were great we were given the opportunity to assess the situation and help the person that was in trouble. We have lots to remember but I think because of the way it was presented will make it more likely I will remember what was taught. Thank you Action First Aid and Peter our instructor.


Our instructor Peter was amazing so informative and made the course awesome! Would recommend it to everyone


For the past two days our class room had the pleasure of having Jeremey as our instructor. Jeremey was fantastic very knowledgeable, had an answer for everything. It was fun but also we all learned a lot. From all those scenarios that our groups had to reinact and the videos we watched was incredibly informative. Thanks Jeremey for all you did for us.5star for me


‘It was a good experience to have this first aid course and CPR. The teacher was amazing and friendly, Carmen was an excellent instructor. I enjoyed the two day classes with activities. See you in three years!’


Friendly, approachable staff. Interactive, fun, informative and smoothly delivered. Highly recommend.


Best First Aid/CPR/AED course I have ever taken! I did the blended course, so only one day in class- but it was jam packed with important and useful hands on content! The instructor’s were very informative and upbeat which made the day speed by! See you in 3 years Action First Aid!


It’s was an awesome session with enthusiastic trainers and loved the place.


I just Recently took a first aid/CPR course with instructor Carmen at the Liuna Local 183 office in Toronto.
This is my very first CPR first aid course that I took and I have to say I was very happy with the two day course. Instructor Carmen was so amazing she taught us so well step-by-step explained. Everything always asked if we had any questions. She was very thorough with everything. I would definitely take this course again with instructor. Carmen, as I had a great time learning everything there is about first aid and CPR.


I cannot say enough good things about my experience with my First Aid training. I had the pleasure of having Carmen as my instructor. She spoke with passion and purpose but also made everyone feel comfortable. I am so grateful for the knowledge I now hold. 5 Stars !


Peter made the class enjoyable. I haven’t been in a class room setting in years.. very informative, professional and fun.

Action First safe are always so amazing. I've been doing my CPR training here for several years. It's the only CPR place that I feel that completely explains everything you need to know. I've trained at another place and they weren't as informative as Action First.
Thank you Peter for your instructions and he'll today. God bless you for all that you've done and what you continue to do.


Action First Aid truly exceeded my expectations! The training session was thorough and engaging, making even complex concepts easy to understand. The instructor was patient and made sure everyone felt confident in their skills before moving on. I highly recommend Action First Aid to anyone looking for top-notch first aid training!


My Instructor was Katie, she was well knowledged and made everyone in the class feel confident through the entire class 8am-4pm it was all hands on using the Mannequin, then each other via role playing the scenario a first aider would come across in real life. I’ve done many years of 1st aid / CPR COURSES every 2 years and never has in been This through. I highly recommend ACTION FIRST AID for this course, Mental Health and any course they offer over the other agencies that offer these courses.


I am grateful to have had Peter as my teacher today for my recertification course. He is a funny, engaging, knowledgeable teacher, and he made today an enjoyable experience. I have completed my first aid training twice now with Action First Aid, and they would absolutely be my recommendation for anyone interested in learning first aid.

Thank you again Peter.

P.s. your purple shirt was lovely


Everyone should know CPR and have the confidence to help save a life. Peter helped give me that confidence once I left the building. Peter was a great instructor and made the information and situations easy to comprehend and remember. Very personable and funny guy to have teaching and informing about a very serious topic.


Keely was very enthusiastic and made the CPR learning fun. I’m very sensitive with certain topics and she went out of her way to make sure I felt comfortable while learning the material in depth. She was very helpful and kept me engaged for the whole 9-5!! I didn’t feel bored or tired once! An amazing teacher and mentor:)


Wonderful training experience with Peter. All the hands on activities really helped to ensure that we understood how to apply what we were learning in a pleasant, professional manner. Looking forward to the refresher in 3 years!
Invaluable training.


J had a fabulous experience and Practice scenarios and quizzes can also help reinforce your knowledge. Additionally, consider taking refresher courses or attending workshops to stay up-to-date with the latest guidelines and procedures. Keep practicing and staying informed!


Attended my first, first aid training session led by Matt and it was exceptional. Their expertise, clarity, and interactive teaching style made the session engaging and incredibly informative. Their real world examples and practical demos made tough situations easy to understand. Highly recommended.


I have taken many first aid courses over the years. This, without exception was the best. John made the information interesting and he was an engaging trainer. Highly recommend.


Awesome course and even better instructors. Katie & Keely kept the entire group interested in learning, quick to answer questions and we had fun. Great job!


Action First Aid has such amazing instructors. Katie was fantastic and so was student instructor Keely. Our two days went by so fast, with so much content being taught very effectively. We had lots of laughs as a group, which added to the learning environment. Thank you Katie & Keely for your dedication to our understanding of proper first aid!


Training was awesome. Very detailed learn very important information that is useful in case I ever run into any First Aid & CPR situations. Sandra was very knowledgeable, Professional and explained where I understood what she was saying. I give Sandra 100% I hope to have Sandra again on my next First Aid training.


It was good


Jen was outstanding! Her approach made the group a team that jelled and worked together. Great enthusiasm, clear direction, focused and well organized. This course has given me the skills and confidence to help in first aid situations.


Nice work Lisa

This course was better than I expected it to be. The in class program was very helpful and Peter was a great facilitator.
The online course was also helpful, but sometimes a bit glitchy. I had to exit and re-enter to get through the content.
Overall this was a very positive experience.


Excellent!! I’ve been to 5 different CPR courses in the past 17 years and this by far was the most efficient and fun.
The training Peter had amazing teaching skills. He was able to keep everyone on their toes by keeping us engaged by his humour, professionalism and experience combined.
Peter told stories of his own, and from former students of incidents with the outcomes of utilizing 1st aid or CPR, that was very helpful to imagine what could one be faced with.
I definitely will choose and recommend Action First Aid in the future.


I’ve taken a lot of boring first aid courses and this was the first FUN one!! Highly recommend, the online and in person portions were interactive. Peter was a great instructor!


We were very impressed with the CPR, AED, heart, stroke and choking training course we took last week. Both presenters, Kendra Craig and Stacey Palen, were outstanding! There was a good combination of props, video, direct instruction and interaction with our group. We would highly recommend this training for others.


Course was fun and useful!


Second time attending action first aid, Katie H was my instructor today and she was super helpful, very knowledgeable and guided us all in the right direction.

Katie, thank you so much for sharing all of your skills and real life experiences with us.

Today was super fun and I’m I’m confident I can use the skills I learnt today in a real life situation.



Katie H. was my instructor and she did an outstanding job at demonstrating and teaching me about CPR/FIRST AID. I feel a lot more confident now that I know what to do. I will be ready whenever I am needed to perform CPR. I would highly recommend everyone to take this course, just to be educated cause you never know when you’ll be needed for this.


I had a fantastic experience attending the CPR course at Action. The instructor, Cathy Housser, was absolutely wonderful. Her knowledge and delivery of the material exceeded expectations; she was informative, helpful, down to earth and made the course fine, while still focusing on the importance of the training. I left feeling confident with the information provided and I would recommend this course, and the instructor, to anyone in need of First Aid training.


I recently completed first aid training with Action First Aid and I want to express my gratitude for the exceptional experience. The course was comprehensive, and the instructor’s expertise made the learning process engaging and practical. The hands-on approach to learning crucial first aid techniques was incredibly beneficial. Katie’s depth of knowledge and ability to explain concepts clearly were impressive.
Overall, I highly recommend Action First Aid for first aid training. The skills I gained have given me the confidence to know that I would be able to step up should an emergency situation arise. Thank you for a valuable learning experience!


Peter was our instructor and he was great. Peter made the course interesting and engaging and delivers the information in an informative and fun way. The best course I have ever attended in 35 years.


An amazing experience for my students and I from start to finish. Setting up training sessions and online portion was a breeze with Andy. The two knowledgeable staff that were sent to train my students were patient, engaging and absolutely awesome. Doing the online and then 1 day of training was much more enjoyable then doing the usual 2 full day 1st Aid CPR Training. The online portion the students found interesting and interactive. All around great experience. Highly recommend! Thanks again RGSS


I needed this course for university and I really liked the blended option to do part on line and only one day in person. Both the online and in person portions of the course were fun and not boring like some other training I have taken. Would highly recommend.


The virtual training was easy to follow along and assimilate without an overload with a combination of videos, reading and quizzes, provided that you give yourself the time to review the immense amount of helpful information... procrastination is not a useful skill for this one! The in-person training is full of hands-on and group involvement, assisting in the absorption of the information with muscle training which contributes to building the confidence that we'll be able to step up if ever a critical situation occurs. The instructor, Carmen, was absolutely fantastic with both her extreme level of knowledge and real-life examples to cement the steps and the processes involved when First Aid is required. I highly recommend both Action First Aid and Carmen for anyone looking to renew or take the full course.


Peter the Instructor was very knowledgeable in his teachings. He shared past experiences, how he handled things and what he learned through his years in the field. He was very enthusiastic and certainly passionate about the course. He got everyone involved and made everyone feel very comfortable. Course completed in Barrie, Ont.


May was my instructor. She did a fantastic job; she was very knowledgeable, and personable. Doing the main learning online and then the in class practicing instead of craming learning and practice into a very long day or over two separate days was very convenient and preferred. The overall experience was great, I would recommend Action First Aid for anyone needing to learn first-aid for any reason.


Thank you Peter. Way to keep our class engaged and involved! I love the hands on of the two days course. I really appreciate the enthusiasm you showed in training us. Thanks again! Couple more pill fobs till retirement.


Mental Health First Aid is an ESSENTIAL tool we all need in today’s workplace! Instructor, Marian Statham was a fantastic, informative resource!


We had a fantastic experience while training both online and in person with Peter. Extremely helpful material shared. We did Standard First Aid CPR/AED Level C, which is a very well-planned course. The videos/theory are just perfect to understand and can't Thank Action First Aid enough for having Peter as a trainer. He is amazing with his teaching techniques and bring so much fun into the class.


We had a fantastic experience while training both online and in person with Peter. Extremely helpful material shared. We did Standard First Aid CPR/AED Level C, which is a very well-planned course. The videos/theory are just perfect to understand and can't Thank Action First Aid enough for having Peter as a trainer. He is amazing with his teaching techniques and bring so much fun into the class.


Great online training program, very helpful for the in person training. Very knowledgeable instructors. Debbie D was awesome at providing a refresher training to our healthcare team. Very engaging, fun and interactive. I would recommend this program for CPR/First Aid training!


Email Submission This past weekend I visited my daughter in Michigan and her 3 year old ended up choking on an apple. It was very scary but I grabbed him from my daughter and bent him forward and gave one or two sharp whacks between the shoulder blades and the apple flew out. You bet I was happy I took the course.


Action First Aid was a great experience! I have taken a First Aid course a few times at other businesses but this was definitely my most enjoyable and educational class. Peter was our instructor and he had the real world experience with a fun and involved way of teaching to make the knowledge stick. I feel much more confident having taken his course! Two non-amputated thumbs up for Peter!


We had a 2 hour course with Sandra in our community's clubhouse. She covered many important points re: CPR and the AED; had several chances to practise with the mannequins and went through various emergency scenarios; were given ample time to ask questions.The information given was clear and concise and explained in a matter-of-fact manner and with a sense of humour. An excellent course, Sandra!


Peter was an awesome instructor! Loved that he joked and made the content interesting with his own experiences. Online content was very good and informative. Thank you for a great experience.


Had Peter as my instructor and he was amazing! He made learning about first-aid fun at the same time as portraying how serious this training is. Highly recommend using Action First aid. The online portion was good too but in class the best.


I did my recertification on CPR/First Aid (BLS Level) at the Barrie Action First Aid, my instructors name was Jeremy and he did a phenomenal job!

He made things interesting and even a bit humorous to keep our attention; not a phone was in sight the whole 4hrs I was there.

I’d 100% recommend going there for any qualifications someone either is interested in or required to have.


Peter was awesome! I’ve taken a few CPR course now, and this is by far my favourite. Very engaging, exciting and fun.. given something that can be viewed as lame. Thanks Peter!


Email Submission The grandkids found the online Babysitting course very informative and it has given them great insight into how to deal with emergencies that may occur both while babysitting and in their everyday activities. The course is well suited to their age group, and they were kept engaged in each module and looked forward to the next one.


I attended the blended class, 4 hours online and 4 hours in class. The online portion lets you go at your own pace and you can go back to where you left off which is great if you can't set aside 4 hours at once to do the online portion. The teacher Peter, who is a retired police officer was excellent! He made the class interactive and an intense subject fun with his humor! I would highly recommend this class to anyone!


Hands down by far the BEST first aid training i’ve ever had! It has been over 4years of training with Action First Aid in Barrie and they have always over-delivered, they truly put the ACTION in Action first aid! Every trainer has enthusiasm and personality that makes every session fun!


I sure didn't see myself having such a fun time on a Friday, but, the lesson was a great hands on experience. Nate was an awesome teacher, he made the environment comfortable. He was very patient as well as detailed. I would definitely recommend this training to others. Thanks again Nate!


Action First Aid provided me with the not only the skills needed, but also the confidence to use those skills in the event of an emergency. The Blended program is different from others I have experienced as it is much more engaging. The instructor was knowledgeable and created a fun learning environment. Would recommend this training to anyone looking for a great experience.


When I was signed up for Action First Aid I thought a very long day lay ahead of me. What a got was an informative day filled with role playing. I gained so much knowledge and I am confident that I will be successfull should I encounter someone in distress. Nate was an engaging and effective instructor and I hardly noticed the time at all. Thanks so much Nate, you rock.


We spent two days with Sandra who gave us excellent stories to instill knowledge from the day. We had many opportunities to practice, move around, ask questions. We appreciated her sense of humour and her way of guiding us to learn more. She is truly a person who loves to teach. Thank you, Sandra!


We spent two days with Sandra who gave us excellent stories to instill knowledge from the day. We had many opportunities to practice, move around, ask questions. We appreciated her sense of humour and her way of guiding us to learn more. She is truly a person who loves to teach. Thank you, Sandra!


The class was very informative and interesting! I learned the basics of helping someone in an emergency situation and practiced different scenarios. The course teachers were excellent and answered all of my questions! Thanks Lisa, see you in three years when I renew my certification.


Action First Aid was awesome ! After taking the course a few times, this was my most enjoyable experience. We had Peter as our instructor and he was absolutely incredible. He made the material fun and was very approachable. He was extremely educational and real when it came to situations and it made the learning experience great. I left the course feeling much more confident and educated and I’m happy I had the opportunity to be a part of his group. 5 stars for Peter !!


I took the SFA-C/CPR/AED course with Action First Aid. I highly recommend them! Avery, our instructor, was wonderful! She was extremely thorough and professional, and managed to keep it fun and interesting. The props (first aid kits, dummies, AEDs) were all clean and in excellent shape. The facility itself is very large and bright, with plenty of amenities, including a kitchen with tea, coffee, microwave and dishwasher. Very impressed with our training and the experience with Action First Aid as a whole!


Nate is on time He kept the teaching interesting and very professional I really enjoyed the session He really covered every bit of it


Completed my First aid training today! I have learned a lot and had fun at the same time! Cathy, our instructor is so amazing, she made the training fun and full of energy!


I just finished taking the CPR training with this organization and I was impressed. I have completed many CPR trainings in my career, but never felt as confident afterwards the way I did with this training. Sam, the instructor was thorough, kept us on track and used real life examples relevant to the training. Thank you for this learning experience. Well done! 🙂


Completed my blended first aid course today. Cathy the instructor was fantastic and the online portion was well organized with some great videos to support the content. Highly recommend & A+.


Completed my blended first aid course today. Cathy the instructor was fantastic and the online portion was well organized with some great videos to support the content. Highly recommend & A+.


I had training here for work with some of my team members, and my instructor Lisa was amazing! She did a really good job communicating all of the information, coming up with activities to practice methods of CPR and First Aid, and repeating everything we learned all throughout the day. I definitely recommend coming here for training yourself or any staff that need certification


I had a fantastic experience with Action First Aid / CPR training. The Instructor Peter was truly amazing! He made sure the group was having a good time, while learning and kept everyone engaged. I would highly recommend it to anyone.


Matt was an amazing instructor very clear and concise. Very respectful and productive program


I just had my session with Avery at my school and it was very very good. She was so nice and so informative it made such a fun time learning. I would 100% recommend taking the courses Action First Aid offers. Overall, my experience was amazing! Thank you Avery 🙂


Thank you Peter. I have taken many courses like this over the years and without a doubt this was the best course I’ve taken. Peter was fantastic, kept us informed, let us think and kept the day interesting and informative. I am already looking into other courses with Action First Aid!


Stacey and Kendra were both amazing. They delivered top notch instruction of a heavy topic in such a way that I didn't get bored or distracted. The use of hands-on scenarios, videos, games and personal stories from both the instructors and the participants made the time fly and the information much easier to grasp and retain. I will be using Action First Aid again and will recommend them without a second thought.
~Sue S.


Our instructor Angelo was amazing and very knowledgeable. The course was fun and interactive, and very detailed. I like all the scenarios and games that were played throughout the course. It made it very fun and enjoyable. Thank you Angelo great job.!


I took a course for CRp first aid at the Wilson location in Toronto with a gentleman named Angelo. He was professional, polite well spoken and taught the 2 day class with amazing skills and great knowledge on the course. Action first aid should be proud to have a employee that demonstrates great pride in there work and represent the company at a high level. Well done Angelo keep up the great work. It was a pleasure



It’s located up stair inside DaVinci Banquet
Hall with a small A4 paper showed Action First Aid ( as the picture marked in this review).
I have been here for 2 times and I had good experiences here. The instructors excellent with great explanations and great demonstrations. I like the way they taught by giving scenarios were great way to deliver skills. Highly recommend!


It’s located up stair inside DaVinci Banquet
Hall with a small A4 paper showed Action First Aid ( as the picture marked in this review).
I have been here for 2 times and I had good experiences here. The instructors excellent with great explanations and great demonstrations. I like the way they taught by giving scenarios were great way to deliver skills. Highly recommend!



This is my 5th course taken with action first aid. Usually in the Barrie location but this time was in Bracebridge. I’ve had nothing but amazing experiences each time & every instructor I’ve had has been wonderful. I got the pleasure of being taught by Eric today and he was great! He has a very good way of simplifying terms and explaining the human body in a way that everyone will understand. Keep up the good work!!


The instructor was amazing, he really knew his subject! I learnt lots of new staff, feels more confident. Thank you Corey!


Kass is amazing! I called and she answered the phone with a gusto that blew me away! My spirits immediately lifted, I responded with a positive energy that I can only hope matched her vibe. She continued with an increased sense of fervor and sense of tenacity. She went beyond the depths of her expected tasks, dove deep into an perilous abyss to solve the riddle of my question. Whether she had or hadn't been able to answer my question wasn't important. It was her gallant, fearless never give up attitude and commitment to customer satisfaction that was what impressed me. Her vibrant tone never skipped a beat through the peril, not once did I question the positive imminency of her success. Thank you Kass, for going above and beyond and sharing your bounteous buoyant attitude with me. - Rob


I don’t typically post reviews but thought this course was very well done it was worth positing. Very energetic and enthusiastic instructor. She was able to read the crowd and teach to the audience she had. Excellent hands on course with practical real life applications that could be life saving one day. Very well done.


I enjoyed taking the First Aid and CPR course. Instructor Jocelyn is very knowledgeable and she explained the details of the course in very understandable terms .Excellent hands on demonstrations.



First aid recertification course was excellent!! Instructor was very knowledgeable and extremely well spoken. I would highly recommend this company to anyone looking for first aid training!!


Just completed the 2 day cpr/first aid training course. Ryan was an awesome instructor! He went through the course outline with immense detail and made sure all questions were answered thoroughly. Thank you so much for such a great experience. Will definitely use Action First Aid for many years to come!


Exceptional training. Instructors are clearly knowledgeable and confident in their delivery. Hands on scenarios are very helpful for participants. Online components are detailed and cover many important elements of first aid.


This is a fantastic, beautiful facility filled with staff who genuinely care. You can tell a lot of the curriculum was created by people who are passionate about providing an education that truly saves lives. Most instructors are working healthcare professionals who live what they teach. The courses are affordable and accessible, and always leave an impression with me. I always walk away feeling confident in my skills.

I want to give a big shoutout to Sandra - I have taken her CPR recertification twice now and if I could request her as an instructor every time I would! She is incredibly wise, has a fantastic sense of humor, and teaches in a way that truly leaves a mark. She's also a very warm and supportive person, and will happily chat with you afterwards (something i've always taken full advantage of). Thank you Sandra!


Teresa was awesome! Such a great experience. Definitely better training then I’ve experienced in the past. Taught in such a way that it’s easy to remember and you feel comfortable using your knowledge. Thank you teresa


Jake was excellent. He was thorough and well versed with the subject. He had interesting examples to provide for each component. The delivery of the course was easy to understand, clear and comprehensive. He displayed tremendous amount of energy and was able to provide time to for each and every question.


Had my CPR training for school today. It's the first time I have done a blended course. It was a great experience. The videos in the first part were really well done, easy to understand. Part two was in person with Sandra. She was great! She kept the class interactive and fun, but still making sure we understood and knew those hands on techniques. I will definitely use action first again next time I have to renew!


Just completed the in-person portion of the blended first aid/CPR training. I found the online training modules very well done and put together. Easy to follow and very informative. (Enjoyed the blooper reels too). The in-person part was just as informative and very interactive. I enjoyed the group activities and scenarios. Very well put together package and Sandra L. was an absolute gem. Very detailed and clear instructions and information.


Just finished the two day Standard First Aid and CPR Level C course. It was a very informative class with a great mix of humour and interactive elements which kept everyone engaged. Thanks a bunch to Peter H for his keen instruction and for also sharing his personal experiences of administering first aid. I will recommend Action First Aid to anyone interested in taking such a course.


Jake was an absolute joy to work with. I have learned so much from him. I highly recommend him. He gets five stars from me.


I had the best first aid training and CPR. The instructor Peter was great and it was fun to be there , learning all the skills .


Very informative,. Jamie was excellent very good at explaining things and no issues asking questions..I was very pleased with the over all course and I welcome any refreshers down the Rd...thanks again Jamie.stay safe and thanks for everything you do...


Stacey Palen was very thorough and helpful through the entire course. She was able to answer all of the questions asked with great detail. Was not my first time taking the course and will not be my last.


I appreciated the course 100%! The instructor had an excellent way of getting the information through to us and she was well versed in her presentation. She always had answers to questions asked that led us to the correct understanding of the subject covered. I give 5 stars to this course because each of us came away with a clear understanding and zero puzzling questions!!



Principal, Simcoe County District School Board Action First Aid's blended learning format was the most impactful SFA/AED/CPR experience I have had in over 30 years with these certifications. As an educator and fitness instructor I found the variety of online activities, such as video demonstrations, short reading tasks, real life stories, and checks for understanding offered in multiple formats such as matching, multiple choice and open-ended questions highly engaging. The flexibility of completing the online modules on both my laptop and phone, and at times that were convenient for me, was also ideal. In fact, the level of detail with corresponding visuals helped me to consolidate my understanding of a few concepts better than ever before. The online component is then followed by a shorter, hands-on in-class session with one of Action First Aid's dynamic, experienced instructors. This blended format is a win-win that I'd highly recommend and will definitely pursue again!


By far the best cpr course I have ever attended! Peter H was very knowledgeable and his personality made it more interesting! Never a dull moment! ? Looking forward to 2025 in hopes Peter H hosts the course again! Thank you! Marilyn B


Great class. Instructor was awesome! Thank you!


Hands down the best first aid course. Samantha the instructor was very interactive and came up with lots of information. Took her time with us so we understand absolutely everything. Was a very nice and smooth riding course.


I really enjoyed learning first aid from May!


Great course. Had a wonderful and very professional and knowledgeable instructor. The training course is excellent at boosting the confidence of students and reinforcing specific points. Also, the venue used for the course was in an great location and set up perfectly.


Best first aid course I have ever taken in 30+ yrs


Very informative with an instructor who kept the class engaged so that the day passed quickly.


Great day with Teresa L. She kept the course real and anything but boring. I have had training with other companies but they do not compare to action first aid. Definatly recommed this company.



Email Submission This past weekend I visited my daughter in Michigan and her 3 year old ended up choking on an apple. It was very scary but I grabbed him from my daughter and bent him forward and gave one or two sharp whacks between the shoulder blades and the apple flew out. You bet I was happy I took the course.


What a great course! It was simplified and our instructor Michelle was wonderful! Highly recommend!


I have recently completed the Action First Aid course with John Nash. John not only kept the course interesting, but he also made the information retainable. I honestly thought it was going to be a long day doing this course, but John made it fun from beginning to end. John is a wonderful instructor and very informative. I would, hands down, recommend taking this course with John.


Great instructor and facilities


I finished my standard first aid and CPR today. Samantha was my instructor. She is so knowledgeable and patient with students. The way she transfers the information makes student to understand the concept better and enjoy at the same time.


Trainer Christine made learning fun and effective. Best cpr course, I'm glad I was there.


Just completed the Standard First Aid course with CPR - C. Did it over two days. Michelle our instructor was great, moved the course along and did well with the course participants - teenage boys!! Sometimes not an easy audience. A great refresher for me as I have taken the course many times before.


By far the best First Aid CPR training I have ever attended! The scenarios and interactive presentations were great. Jocelyn was the instructor. She is very knowledgeable, approachable and did an excellent job delivering the materials. So much better and far more effective than the usual Power Point presentations used by many organizations where participants can get bored, lose interest and don’t retain vital valuable information. A great method even during a pandemic with the necessary safety precautions. If somebody was looking for training I wouldn’t hesitate to say “Take Action!” Well done and thanks so much!


The Standard First Aid and CPR level C course was interactive and engaging. I am confident that when a situation arises that requires first aid I will be able to apply my knowledge!



Hands down Action first aid is the BEST first aid training center! I have been through many trainings and programs and Action really made the information interesting and streamlined. Even after going through a few complications everyone on the Action team was friendly and outgoing, as well as helpful and kind! From the moment my crew and I stepped foot in the building to after we were home and had follow-up questions, the Action team not only provided amazing support but went out of their way to assist you. I look forward to returning for more training


I completed the 2 day standard first aid course. May and Carlo were my instructors, they were amazing! They explained the content very clearly and facilitated hands on activities that helped me gain a better understanding. This is my second time coming to Action First Aid, I will continue to come here for courses because it is such a great organization with knowledgeable employees. HIGHLY RECOMMEND!!!!!! Sign up now & help save lives!


The instructors made the class interesting and fun. They kept the class engaged with different on hand scenarios. I would recommend action first aid to anyone needing a certificate. Great job May and Emily!


As always Action made my training experience today quick easy and convenient.
Every time I come to Action I am more impressed by the equipment, level of training and especially the staff.
Thanks very much.


Good Afternoon, Today I participated in your first aid course to update my training. Sometimes safety courses can be long and mundane but Hailey was able to maintain my interest throughout the entire class and she really kept me focused on learning in a fun way. We were told that this was her first class teaching solo, but I feel like she did an excellent job and was very professional and kind-hearted. I must admit that I forgot a lot of my training from when I last took the course, but she was able to answer all of my questions which made me even more confident and reassured my abilities. In addition, she really made a point to respect covid-19 health and safety protocols from the second I stepped through the doors. I felt safe while participating in the course and never felt like I was in a position to compromise that. I don't typically write reviews but today was a rare experience that I felt like I needed to share. Thank you Hailey for making my day enjoyable. You were very kind and informative, and I wish you nothing but the best in your future. Hopefully I see you again when I take more courses at Action First Aid. Thanks again!


One of the most fun CPR courses i’ve done, Ashley made it fun and informative while covering all skill levels. Great job guys!


My learning experience was very interesting and positive. The Instructor Lawrence was well prepared and answer all the Questions.
I recommend this place to anyone.


positive review Amazing instructors, friendly, professional and Knowledgeable. I wouldn’t go anywhere else for first aid and CPR certification! I work in healthcare and so I have to pay every year to get recertified. Best bang for your buck. 🙂


positive review Hands on, yet comfortable environment. My instructor was great, friendly and knowledgeable. She was a good, kind teacher . Their facility was clean and orderly. Overall enjoyable and hassle free. I've used another company twice before and Action blows them out of the water.


Thank you Kendra...you did our training this week and I just want to thank you from the bottom of my heart as yesterday while taking my mom to get a xray she had a stroke in my car !!!!!! Due to your teaching abilities I was able to not only recognize the signs but remembered to take note of the time and get her to hospital in time to receive the medication she needed. Again thank you from the bottom of my heart. I truly believe your class saved my mothers life. Forever grateful,


positive review Had both Amanda and Jake the past two days for first aid/CPR. Both are phenomenal trainers that kept things light, interesting, and informative. Very impressed 🙂


positive review I have recently completed the standard first aid and CPR (Level HPC). Stacey was an amazing instructor who made the course very fun and interactive as well as going over all course material! Stacey is very knowledgeable about first aid and was able to answer all questions asked during the class as well as provide helpful feedback during all the scenarios. I highly recommend Action First Aid.



Would 100%, definitely recommend Action First Aid Barrie location!! Hands on learning, comfortable environment and informative instructor made the 2 days fly by!! I look forward to renewing my training in the future now!!



Good course - convenient location in Bracebridge. No more driving to Barrie for First Aid!


Awesome teacher ! Pete was very enthusiastic and it made it easy to learn!




Amanda was my instructor for my First Aid with AED/CPR Level C course and I honestly don't have enough good words to say about Amanda ! She made two loooong weekend days so much fun and educational .. These courses are not the typical boring desk and notes classes ... You are getting so much from the instructor you don't even need notes .. If you're looking for the right place to get your courses I would HIGHLY recommend "Action First Aid" ! I'm sure all the instructors are awesome but Amanda was seriously A-M-A-Z-I-N-G !!! And all the class agreed as well 😉 Thank you so much Amanda !!!



Ry and Jon were great instructors! Loved this course 🙂





Thanks Nash and Paul for doing an outstanding job in teaching us first aid, aed, and cpr. Your passion and energy was very much appreciated. Scenarios were a lot of fun!





I highly recommend this company to anyone! The instructor, Jon, made the class fun and enjoyable! Definitely will be returning in the future 🙂


I've never had an educational experience like today. A life saving educational experience. An engaging, entertaining, gut-laughing, reflective, and at times eye-watering experience thinking about what a traumatic life event must feel like. Thank you John Nash. Your teaching style is revolutionary. I feel like I want to keep in touch just to know I have someone on speed dial that has my back and keeps me calm in a situation where I have minutes to save a life. Cheers brother.


This is the best first aid program I have ever attended.




Fantastic Program! 🙂




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