Is your neighbourhood cardiac safe?


24/7 Access to AEDs

When Sudden Cardiac Arrest strikes, every second counts. Without quick and immediate access to an AED, the chance of survival is almost zero.
AED’s can now be placed outside because of new cabinet technology that keeps them warm in the winter, cool in the summer and monitors the AED inside 24/7.

Placing AEDs in outdoor SaveStations significantly increases the chance of survival by making these life-saving devices accessible to anyone, at any time.

How does the Neighbourhood Program work?

Action First Aid makes the process easy! We lead you through each step and help prepare you (and your neighbours!) on how to use the AED.

If you are placing the SaveStation on your home we will lead you through the pricing and what is included in our home package. Remember that you can also raise funds through crowdfunding, and we have a platform for that too!

We provide simple instructions on how to install the SaveStation on your home and provide a full tutorial on how to use the AED and how the cabinet works.

Next, invite your neighbours for a CPR block party! You host and we can help you facilitate a AED/CPR workshop training to your group.  This way everyone in your neighbourhood becomes familiar with where the AED is located and how to use it!

Our Neighbourhood Package Includes:

  • SaveStation Wall Mount
  • AED suitable for rugged environment
  • Monitoring of the pads and battery
  • Training on the device (optional)
  • Access to our video resources and email templates
  • Neighbourhood block party – you host, we train!
  • Local media invites (if requested)
  • SaveStation merch!
  • Registration in our tracking program, Ready for Action. Receive email alerts when supplies are expiring.
  • Access to the SaveStation crowdfunding tool if pooling funds from the neighbourhood

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