4 Minute Mindset.

Tennis Clubs require special consideration due to distance and time away from immediate medical attention. Technology now exists to place AEDs outside, closer to people, for those hard to reach locations.

When someone suffers Sudden Cardiac Arrest, (SCA) their chances of survival can increase by 75% if an AED and CPR are used within the first few minutes. Brain damage sets in at approximately the 4 minute mark. After ten minutes, the chance of survival is almost zero. Quick and immediate access to an AED is critical.

Action First Aid offers comprehensive AED program management solutions designed specifically for the tennis industry. With over 20 years of experience, we are leaders in bringing outdoor AED technology to Canada. Our passionate AED consultants are here and ready to help ensure your ski club is cardiac safe.

New Outdoor Technology!

Tennis Clubs in Canada can now be equipped with a SaveStation that houses an AED in a weatherproof outdoor cabinet (with smart technology!).  Our AED outdoor specialists are here to help understand your specific needs and advise and equip your courts with the right solution.

Notice to Ontario Businesses

In Ontario, businesses now need to comply with Bill 141 – which establishes some more stringent guidelines on how to manage an AED & Training program.  Our comprehensive package, ‘Ready for Action Plus+’  ensures you meet all the requirements of this new bill.

Comprehensive AED program for Tennis Clubs

Our comprehensive AED program ensures that your AEDs are easily accessible, ready for rescue & staff is properly trained.

1. Designated Areas

Placing outdoor SaveStations for those hard to reach locations could make the difference between life and death. Powered and non-powered solutions exist. Indoor SaveStation cabinets extend your AED program with additional access and awareness.

2. Awareness Signage

AEDs need to be accessible and highly visible. All guests should be aware of the locations of all of your AEDs in the event of an emergency. We provide signage solutions for indoor and outdoor AED placements such as on courts, entry doors, washrooms, etc.

3. Public Awareness

We provide you with instructional videos that you can then distribute to staff, visitors and members. Videos can optionally be branded with your company logo. View Training Videos

4. Ready for Rescue

Our online tracking tool, ‘Ready for Action Plus+’ will guarantee that your AED is properly maintained, and always ready for rescue.

5. Training

We offer WSIB approved AED/CPR training as well as custom training solutions like our AED Awareness workshop.

6. 911 Registration

We will help you properly register your AED with the registry as part of our ‘Ready For Action Plus+’ Full Service Program.

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Private & Custom Training

Action First Aid offers WSIB approved AED/CPR training as well as custom training solutions.

Our AED Awareness workshop is private, custom and fun! We come to you and run through emergency scenarios with your staff. This interactive training is highly effective as we are training best course of actions specifically for your tennis club, buildings and equipment.


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