The Power of Outdoor

AEDs belong everywhere, inside and out! We need access to these life-saving devices 24/7.

When Sudden Cardiac Arrest strikes we have no more than 10 minutes to save a life. Without quick and immediate access to an AED, the chance of survival is almost zero.

AED’s can now be placed outside because of new cabinet technology that keeps them warm in the winter, cool in the summer and monitors the AED inside 24/7! Action First Aid is a true leader in bringing this outdoor technology to Canadians. Our team of specialists in this area will help you choose the right SaveStation for your environment and continue to provide ongoing support for your program.

Home & Community

Neighbourhood SaveStation Program

Place a SaveStation on the side of your home and launch a Neighbourhood SaveStation Program to protect everyone on your street. We have a turnkey solution to start and properly maintain your program. Use our crowdfunding platform to help raise the money and bring your neighbours together in the most meaningful way. View SaveStation Gallery

Backlit WallMount For Extra Visibility

SaveStation WallMounts for any Building

The SaveStation Wallmount is perfect for any community building, home, public or private facility that wants to protect people 24/7. This unit lights up at night for added visibility and awareness. Perfect for Marinas, churchs, schools, community centres, outdoor recreation parks – the perfect locations are endless. View SaveStation Gallery

Community Free Standing Tower

SaveStation Towers – Perfect for Public Places where People Gather

These highly visible free standing SaveStations provide 24/7 access in areas that otherwise have no AED coverage. Perfect for any public or private place where people gather and enjoy the outdoors – beaches, parks, fitness facilities, outdoor malls, universities/colleges, school fields and again the list goes on and on. Crowdfunding tools are available to help raise the money. These units can also be sponsored by anyone who wants to give back to their community in a meaningful way. View SaveStation Gallery

Commemorative Program

Donate a SaveStation in honour of a loved one.

Pay tribute to a loved one by placing a live-saving public-access SaveStation. Commemorative plaques are mounted with the SaveStation.


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We're Open for Training!

All of our training centres are still open and teaching courses! First Aid training is an essential service, so no matter what region and zone you’re in, you can still get your certification.

We have the following COVID protocols in place to keep everyone safe:

😷 Everyone is required to wear a mask

✅ Hand sanitizer is provided

➡️ Chairs are spaced so that everyone has 6 feet between them

🔟 Only 10 people can register for each course

Thank you so much to everyone who keeps trusting us and supporting local during this time!