Checking Ready for Rescue Status

Ready for Rescue Symbol

The Ready for Rescue window is located in the upper right hand corner on the front of the LikePak 1000.  When the LikePak 1000 is off, if OK is present and more than one bar shows in the battery symbol the AED is Ready for Rescue. 

If only one bar shows in the battery symbol, the battery should be replaced. If a red wrench symbol is present, the AED requires attention/service immediately

Battery Expiry

On the battery, you will see a white label with an hourglass symbol. The battery expiry is to the right of the hourglass symbol and is in the following format YYYY-MM-DD

(eg. 2023-11-07).

Pad Expiry

The pads expiry date is found on the defibrillator pads package to the right of the hourglass symbol as shown below. Make sure that the pads package is unopened and the pads have not expired. Order your pads if possible one or two months prior to their expiry.

Serial Number

On the white label beside SN, you will find the LifePak 1000 serial number. To the right of the factory symbol, you will see the date of manufacture.


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