Checking Ready for Rescue Status

If the window at the top of the defibrillator is green, the Cardiac Science G5 is Rescue Ready. If it is Red, it is not.

Proceed to check the pads expiry and the battery expiry to see if they are expired.

Ready for Rescue Symbol

Battery Expiry

The estimated life of a new fully charged battery for a Cardiac Science G5 is 4 years after the date of installation. Use your Ready For Action AED tracking portal to track your date of installation and replacement date.

The date your G5 battery was manufactured is shown beside the factory symbol as shown below.

Pad Expiry

The expiry date on this Cardiac Science G5 Battery can be easily seen through the window on the front of the Cardiac Science G5 to the right of the hourglass symbol.

Serial Number

The serial number is to the right of SN as seen here below. The manufacture date is below the manufacturer symbol as shown here below.


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