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The Philips HeartStart OnSite is the #1 selling Philips defibrillator for the majority of work environments. This AED is very easy to use, safe and offers exceptional therapy, backed by Philips Healthcare 8 year warranty. This is a full workplace package which includes a SaveStation Alarm Cabinet, Signage, 2 sets of Adult Pads, AED Response kit and access to our FREE tracking tool Ready for Action.

Don’t need a bundle? Check out the HeartStart OnSite AED instead.

*French units may take more than our standard 5-10 days to deliver.



Pediatric pads are optional and sold separately – click here for product information

  • Safe, reliable and easy to use
  • Based on industry-leading technology
  • Only treats shockable heart rhythms
  • Easy to use
  • Guides you with interactive voice instructions
  • Senses and adapts to your actions
  • Provides CPR coaching
  • Reliable
  • Comes with a 4-year battery
  • Runs daily self-tests for readiness, virtually no maintenance needed
  • If HeartStart detects a problem, it chirps loudly to alert owner
  • Portable
  • Weighs just 1.5 kg (3.3 lb.) Take it wherever you go.

Turns on with easy-to-use pull handle

Every HeartStart OnSite comes ready-to-rescue. The device is pre-installed in the carrying case and battery and pads are pre-installed in the device. Simply pull up the handle on the front of the AED to activate it.

The HeartStart OnSite provides on-demand audio coaching. Calm, clear voice instructions are tailored to the responder’s actions, providing AED and CPR guidance during the resuscitation of a sudden cardiac arrest victim.


Safely delivers maximum shock strength – Philips SMART Biphasic therapy uses a unique combination of high current – to maximize effectiveness, and a lower energy dose – to minimize side effects that are harmful to a fragile heart.

Ready when needed

Your HeartStart OnSite goes through a 120-point test before it leaves the factory. On the job, it conducts self tests every single day, not just weekly. It performs over 80 different tests in all. Even the pads are tested for readiness.

Replaceable SMART Pads Cartridges

The cartridge contains two adhesive pads that are placed on the patient’s bare skin as indicated by the pictures on the pads. The pad are “smart” because they sense when they have been removed from the cartridge and when each has been applied to the patient, adjusting the voice instructions to your actions. With the patented “Quick Shock” therapy, the Onsite is among the fastest in class at delivering a shock after CPR.

Infant/Child Pads

The HeartStart OnSite can be used on patients of any age, including infants and children. OnSite senses when the special infant/child SMART pads Cartridge is installed. It automatically adjusts to a lower energy level more appropriate for infants and children, and also provides coaching for performing infant/child CPR.

When EMS arrive

Should EMS need a summary of care, it can be retrieved from the defibrillator’s internal memory. An EMS provider simply presses the i-button and HeartStart OnSite verbally recounts events from its last clinical use.

Learn how to use this AED! CPR/AED Training Videos:

Defibrillator Specifications
Waveform Truncated Exponential Biphasic. Waveform parameters adjusted as a function of each patient’s impedance.
Energy Single energy output.
Adult: nominal 150 Joules into a 50 ohm load.
Infant/Child: nominal 50 Joules into a 50 ohm load.
Automatically set based on type of SMART Pads cartridge installed.
Shock-to-Shock Cycle Time Typically less than 20 seconds.
Protocol Voice prompts and indicators guide user through protocol. Follows preconfigured settings. Can be modified with HeartStart Event Review software.
Voice Instructions Detailed voice messages guide responder through use of the defibrillator.
CPR Voice Coaching Voice instructions in adult and infant/child CPR available at user’s option.
Shock Delivery Via adhesive pads placed on patient’s bare skin as illustrated on pads.
Controls Green cartridge handle, Green On/Off button, Blue i-button, Orange shock button.
Indicators Ready light; Blue i-button; Caution light.

AED for your Home or Cottage

Cardiac Arrest can happen to anyone, anytime, anywhere. Be Prepared – Save a Life!

AEDs Belong Everywhere!

For more rugged environments & workplaces – check out the Philips HeartStart FRx package.

Additional information

Weight 27 lbs
Dimensions 10 × 9.5 × 5.5 in

English, French

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