CSA First Aid Kits

A workplace first aid kit appropriate to the workplace shall be readily accessible to all workers at a workplace. At a minimum, at least one workplace first aid kit shall be provided in accordance with this Standard in all workplaces.

The type and size of first aid kit required for a workplace is determined by the number of workers per shift as well as the level of risk of injury. The likelihood of harm as well as the severity of harm should be taken into consideration when determining workplace risk level.

To ensure that workplace first aid kits are readily accessible to all workers and that the particular configurations of workplaces can be accommodated, workplace first aid kits of different sizes (small, medium, and large) may be used in various combinations

For workplaces with more than 100 workers, first aid kits should be proportionally distributed in the workplace.

# of workers per shift Low Hazard – Type 1 & 2 High Hazard – Type 3
1 Type 1
2-25 Type 2 Small Type 3 Small
26-50 Type 2 Medium

  • or 2x Small
Type 3 Medium

  • or 2x Small
51-100 Type 2 Large

  • or 4x Small
  • or 2x Small + 1 Medium
  • or 2 Medium
Large 3 Large

  • or 4x Small
  • or 2x Small + 1 Medium
  • or 2 Medium

Type 1 Kit

Suitable for the workplace where 1 person is working in isolation or otherwise not able to access a workplace first aid kit.


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