Nutritional Lunches for Kids

Looking for new ideas for creating healthy meals and snacks on the go? This “lunch and learn” seminar is designed to provide you and your family with a variety of ideas and strategies, making meal time preparation more manageable, even fun!

Keeping meals interesting and healthy can be a real challenge. This 45 minute seminar gives you practical suggestions and fun ideas that will inspire you and your family to share the time in the kitchen!
For those of you making lunches for kids - we have a great teaching tool. Kids respond really well when they have choice. This planning tool will get kids involved and help them to learn the importance of fuelling their bodies properly throughout the day.

Topics include:

  • Important food groups
  • Lunch ideas and combinations
  • Healthy suggestions at your favourite fast foodstops
  • Strategies to give you more time for meal prep
  • Creating a family cookbook to help with meal planning in general 

10 minutes of meal planning for the week can make all the difference. Let us show you how!

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