CPR & AED Responder

The following topics will be covered in our CPR & AED Responder program:

  • Cardiovascular Disease Prevention & Education
  • Signs & Symptoms - Heart Attack & Stroke
  • Emergency Scene Management
  • Adult CPR
  • Choking
  • AED - identifying the parts and use of the machine
  • Proper pad placement and maintenance
  • Special considerations when using the AED (implantable pacemakers, hypothermia, wet surfaces, conductive surfaces, medicine patches, hairy chest, physical trauma etc.)
  • AED maintenance (daily self-check, battery or electrode replacement)
  • Follow up in the event of an incident

All partipants will have lots of hands on practice throughout the entire program. It is our committment to you, that by the end of the program, every participant has the confidence and skills necessary to step in, and use the machine in the event of an incident.

Price: $65 - $75 plus HST

Recertification Price: $55 plus HST

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