Interactive and Informative!

Are Your Employees Ready to Take Action... and is your AED ready for use?

This workshop is designed to increase the awareness and understanding at your facility about your AED. Unfortunately there have been hundreds of cases where an AED has been installed and yet it was not either “ready for use" or no one felt comfortable or confident using it. This interactive workshop provides an excellent cost effective opportunity to drastically increase the awareness of your AED and empower people to Take Action!

Topics covered during this workshop include:

  • Where your AED is located
  • When to call for an AED
  • Who is allowed to use it - ANYONE!
  • How to recognize SUDDEN CARDIAC ARREST
  • What to do until the AED arrives - hands on training on good, effective CPR
  • How to turn on the machine, place the pads and stand clear
  • Safety precautions and special considerations when using your AED
  • How to access the individuals at your facility who are “trained”
  • What to do after the event
  • Recognition of Heart Attack and Stroke and the importance of calling 911 ASAP

Value Added - AED Site Inspection

A complete site inspection of your facility will be performed by our instructor, to ensure that your AED is “ready for use”. As a value added service to all of our clients, once your AED is enrolled in our program, you will have on line access to a comprehensive AED Tracking Tool (Ready for Action). This will allow you to properly manage your AED Program and ensure that you are always compliant.

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