Inflammation: #1 Reason people visit the Doctor

4-Part Series Uncovering the Key Causes of this Major Disease Factor 

Inflammation is the #1 reason that an individual consults any health care practitioner! Chances are if you're alive, you've been inflamed in some way. Although inflammation is a natural process in the body in response to injury or foreign substances, it is also able to set the stage for chronic disease when left unchecked. Inflammation is linked to so many conditions that bring people to their doctors—anything from arthritis, gastritis, and colitis, to common conditions such as obesity, asthma, diabetes, dementia, and migraines, to heart disease and cancer. Learn how to prevent and eliminate inflammation by addressing the root causes through diet and lifestyle changes.

Join us for an interactive and engaging presentation along with simple and easy to use tips to help empower and inspire you on a path to be inflammation free...and a healthier you!

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  Part 1: Diet

What you take out of your diet is just as, if not more, important than what you put into your diet! Learn the impact that key food groups have in sparking the flame to inflammation and the cause of so many of our modern diseases. We will help you identify the key triggers in your diet, and provide some simple tricks to eliminate these triggers while emphasizing foods that will diffuse the inflammation and set you on a course for a more energized healthier you!

Part 2: Troubling Toxins

In today's environment, you are frequently exposed to thousands of toxic chemicals that your ancestors didn't have to contend with only a couple hundred years ago!! Cellular injury is caused by constant exposure to these chemicals or physical agents, such as: radiation, cyanide, asbestos, pesticides, alcohol, drugs and tobacco, launching an immune response which contributes to many of our modern-day ailments. Learn how to minimize your "toxic load" with some simple changes that will set you on a path for a less burdened and overall healthier body!


Part 3: The Guts of the "Gut"

Bacteria in our body outnumbers our body's 10 trillion cells!! Our body's constant exposure to all these pathogenic organisms can be a significant factor in sparking chronic inflammation. Learn key ways to manage your gut microbiome and how this can be a major way to ward off inflammation and support your immune system in preventing disease and achieving overall health. Join us and discover how your gut can be just as powerful as your instincts!

  Part 4: Stress

Significant research has indicated that mental stressors provide as great a challenge to keeping the body in balance as physical conditions! Discover how thoughts and emotions affect the chemistry of our bodies, and the role this plays in managing our overall health. Join us and gain some simple stress-management techniques to convert your stress experience from surviving to thriving!