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Empowering presentations that will leave your groups feeling energized and excited to make a change!


Marian Statham

Program Director – Health and Wellness
Registered Holistic Nutritionist

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Taking advantage of this great opportunity can:

  • Increase work productivity

  • Increase work morale

  • Increase energy

  • Decrease sick days by employees

  • Increased mood

  • Increase overall happiness

  • Decrease work-related illnesses


We are not here to lecture!

The media is infiltrated with the do's and don’ts of eating and living healthy. The information out there on “what to do to be healthy” is endless. We know everyone hears what to eat and what not to eat all the time!! If it is so simple, why are many people struggling with making proper food choices and why is the risk of cardiovascular disease at an all time high?? Life gets in the way, supporting a family, working many hours in a day, it’s hectic. We understand!!

We are here to provide the support and strategies you need to make the transition to a healthier lifestyle. Our workshops are designed to simplify what we need to do to make drastic improvements to our health and wellness. They will leave you feeling empowered and give you the knowledge to make simple changes by focusing on one step at a time.


Our programs affect change

Our feedback has been amazing! Adults and children are telling us they are highly motivated to make different choices after seeing some of our props and taking us up on our daily/weekly and monthly challenges. They are not going away overwhelmed but empowered to try and change one thing.


Why should your company invest in this amazing opportunity?

Providing these workshops to your employees is showing them you care about their health and want to invest in them personally. The tips and strategies these workshops address make it easy for individuals to want to change. Fueling your body with good food choices has a direct impact on how people react to certain tasks throughout their daily lives.


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