WSIB Regulation 1101

Your Responsibility:  "All employers covered by the Workplace Safety and Insurance Act are required to have first aid equipment, facilities and trained personnel in all workplaces. Regulation 1101, incorporated into the Workplace Safety and Insurance Act, states what each employer is obligated to provide"

Action First Aid (AFA) will help you ensure that you are compliant with Regulation 1101.

  • Ensure you have the correct First Aid Kits based on the size of your workplace
  • Ensure you have the proper First Aid/CPR/AED training to meet the regulation
  • Will keep track of your employees's First aid certification on line and email you rectification notices
  • Will equip and maintain your facility with an AED - track pads, batteries and email you when it is time to replace

Download a copy of WSIB Regulation 1101