Ready for Action Training & AED Tracking Tool

Defibrillator Program Management

Maintaining your AED is simple!

Action First Aid will database your AED, track your pads and batteries and we will contact you when your pads or batteries are about to expire.

AEDs are very easy to maintain. They perform a daily self check of themselves to ensure they are always ready for use. In the event that your machine starts beeping at you, simply call Action First Aid and we will help you troubleshoot the issue.

If you did not buy your AED from Action First Aid, we will can still help you manage and track your AED. Simply provide us with your AED serial number, model #, pads expiry date and when your battery was installed (if you know!).

Maintaining your AED and keeping up with annual CPR & AED Training is a very integral part of establishing and maintaining a proper AED Program within any workplace, large or small. This online tracking tool allows you to access your own AED and training information to ensure you are always compliant.

Ready for Action is now available for all of our valued clients. Together, we will ensure your AEDs are always ready for use and that people are trained to “take action” in an emergency.

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Features Include


  • Dashboard view of all of your AEDs and a visual graph displaying their “ready for rescue” status Easy to record and track monthly AED maintenance checks
  • Automatic emails will be sent to alert you when your pads and or batteries are soon to expire Easy to follow video instructions on how to replace your pads or batteries
  • Easy access to inventory reports for expiring pads/batteries
  • Access to all training records, making it easy to view and track your records
  • Easy to use AED search function, locate device by address and serial numbers
  • Customer support available Monday – Friday 9:00 am – 4:30 pm EST Event Review – Action First Aid will provide full service support to you and your company in the event your AED is used
  • Action First Aid offers medical oversight from Dr. Brad Dibble, Cardiologist, Royal Victoria Hospital, Barrie, Ontario
  • AED “Save” stories available to share with staff to help keep the awareness and the importance of your AED program strong!