Cold Weather - AED Tips


In order for your AED to be ready for use during the cold weather, your FR2 AED (inside the red or black temperature control case) must be brought inside when:  

Weekdays Overnight: When temperatures are expected to drop below -20c

Weekends or Holidays: When the average temperature is expected to be below -12c  

NOTE:  In cold weather, the temperature control case needs to remain plugged in and the vehicle must be started once to activate the case. The case must be connected to a power outlet that provides continuous current, even when the vehicle's engine is not running.  

When Already Exposed to the COLD

If the AED has been exposed to the cold and the battery is compromised, one of the following will occur:

1. The AED will emit a "single chirp" and the ready status indicator (hourglass or green light flashing) will be absent.

Action Required: Bring the AED and the temperature control case inside. Remove the battery and allow the AED and battery to warm to room temperature.  

2. Once the battery is completely dead, the AED will no longer chirp (a red X will appear on the FR2 and the FRx will not have a green light).

Action Required: Call Action First Aid immediately at 1-866-FIRST-AID (347-7824) x 229

If you have any questions please don't hesitate to call or This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.  Action First Aid - we are always here to help!