Our Training Approach

Action First Aid's number one commitment is to consistently deliver a program that is fun, and highly interactive delivered by energetic and engaging instructors.

In order to ensure consistency and quality a great deal of emphasis is place on properly training our instructors initially, followed by quality control measures that closely monitor our instructors, the program they are delivering and customer satisfaction.

The actual content of Emergency First Aid and Standard First Aid programs is dictated by WSIB, however the nature of the delivery is unique to each training company and that is truly what sets us apart from the rest.

Action First Aid has developed a unique approach to delivering the course content in a highly interactive and engaging manner. As a former high school teacher, Deb Hennig, Program Director understood the importance of engaging the learner first, before you try to teach the content. A great deal of time and energy has been spent with other professionals, to customize this learning approach to the world of first aid. As a result, Action First Aid's program keeps you moving and thinking in a fun, non threatening learning environment.


Adding humour to our program in a variety of forms is always a trademark of ours and we know that participants enjoy this outlet during a program that at times can be quite serious, given the nature of the information we are delivering.

Real Scenarios for Real Life!

Teaching first aid in a classroom but then actually having to do "First Aid" in the real world are often two different things! Learning to adapt to a variety of situations is a keystone to our training. Take a look at Jen helping Big Mike who is choking during a course!!! Learning to adapt in a variety of first aid emergencies and to "THINK on your feet" is a very important skill set we strive to develop in our participants.

Fun Professional Instructors!

AFA has over 50 amazing instructors! The majority of our instructors work in the health care field as either paramedics, firefighters or nurses. Their real life experiences bring credibility and experience into the classroom. 

Experience is one thing, but having the personality and the passion to teach is another. AFA seeks out instructors who have both!