Becoming an Instructor

We are always looking for great instructors to join our dynamic team! Our number one goal at Action First Aid is to consistently deliver a program that is professional, interactive, dynamic and practical. Action First Aid is one of Ontario's largest First Aid/CPR and Defibrillator training agencies and we attribute our success directly to the quality of the program we deliver, the quality of our instructors and our commitment to exceptional customer service. 

As a result, we are very selective with who we choose to deliver our program as the continued success of our business depends on you the instructor. Your professionalism, ability to communicate, your level of knowledge, ability to care and relate to your participants along with your enthusiasm are all key qualities we value and look for in our instructors. 

Prior/current experience as a nurse, paramedic, firefighter or teacher in the health & physical education setting would be extremely beneficial. A solid understanding of human physiology and anatomy is also very important and a real asset when teaching our programs. 

An important component of the program deals with healthy lifestyle choices as a preventative measure against heart disease, stroke and many other cancers. We are always looking for instructors who "practice what they preach". 

Steps to Become an Action First Aid Instructor:

  1. Submit a complete resume to Deb Hennig - This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.
  2. Phone interview with an Instructor Trainer, followed by a personal interview with Deb Hennig (owner of Action First Aid) prior to enrolling in the instructor's program.
  3. All instructors must have successfully completed/observed an Action First Aid Standard First Aid program within the last six months prior to enrolling in the instructor program.
  4. In-class Instructor Program - 2 days.
  5. Within 6 months of the in-class component, you must be successfully monitored delivering our Standard First Aid/CPR & AED program. Team teaching opportunities will be presented to you prior to your monitoring session to make sure you are really comfortable delivering the material. We want you to succeed, so we will work together at this stage depending on your comfort level with the material and being in front of a class.

 To Maintain Instructor Status:

  1. All instructors must teach a minimum of 2 Standard First Aid Courses each year to maintain instructor status.
  2. Attend an annual re-fresher session with other Action First Aid Instructors facilitated by an instructor trainer. This creates an opportunity to review new procedures, discuss new teaching techniques and methods of delivery, brainstorm new methods of delivery and discuss current health & first aid issues. We always welcome new ideas, and together, we like to work with our instructors to continuously improve the quality of our instructors and the quality of the program we deliver.
  3. We strongly encourage all of our instructors to maintain current knowledge of material by enrolling in courses for their own personal and professional development.